My Aching Foot

This exercise can help strengthen and alleviate pain felt in your lower leg as a result of flat feet. Stand with your hands flat against a wall. Place one foot in front with your knee slightly bent and your foot flat on the ground. Your other foot should be slightly backwards, with your heel on the ground and your leg straight. Slowly lean forward. When you feel a stretch in your calf muscle, stop and hold this position for a count of 30 seconds. Repeat one set of 5 repetitions for each leg. You can rest for a few seconds in between repetitions. Towel Stretch

A diagnosis of flat feet can usually be made by a physical exam. In most cases, though the doctor will make the patient undergo several other tests to pinpoint the underlying cause or causes of the flat foot or over pronation. In most cases, a flat foot remains flexible and no treatment is needed if the flat footedness does not cause problems. But if the arch does not manifest even when the patient stands on his or her toes, the doctor will likely ask for an x-ray. If the doctor suspects a tendon injury, and MRI may be required. Flat foot treatment optionsflat feet knee pain

Seek out decreased volume boots. A boot with lower volume has a lot less room for your feet to fill compared to a higher volume level boot. People who have flat feet have feet that do not fill up a whole lot of room within their hiking boots and definitely will need lower volume boots so that their feet are not swimming around in the actual boots. Go to Best Hiking Boots For You to find out about the best hiking boots for your feet We have the most up-to-date hiking boot reviews, and we update you about the newest hiking boot promotions and hiking boot sales.

As you can see, my ankles are straightening up a bit and I have the start of some very pretty arches – even on my left foot which was always the worst one. Are my flat feet “fixed” yet – no, but there is significant improvement. I have a little over 5 months to go before we hike the PCT, so they have more time to get stronger before our big adventure. At least now I feel very confident that I don’t have to have my toenails surgically removed to complete this hike!flat feet surgery

I would not have found my way through this journey so strongly and clearly without having read “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss just months after my initial surgery. It must have been late 1996 when I read it. I remember my sister had it and I picked it up and looked through the pages with the charts on them. It was in this very moment that I finally felt for the first time ever that I had real insight into what I had just gone through with my cancer and what I had been experiencing in my body my entire life.